The importation of certain goods is subject to an authorisation or import licence issued by the Trade Services Directorate – Commerce Department, in accordance with the Importation Control Regulations – Legal Notice 242 of 2004. The goods subject to import licensing are listed in the Schedules to this regulation.
The First Schedule lists those items which require an authorisation when transferred into Malta from a Member States of the European Union.
The Second Schedule lists goods which are subject to an import licence when imported from any country outside the European Union.
A table integrating the two schedules found in Import Control Regulations can be found below.
Applications are to be filled in electronically and printed back to front. Refer to the FAQs and Guidelines sections for explanations on the import application process.

COVID-19 related changes: In view of social distancing measures, the application procedures have been changed. Refer to the Corona Virus Related Measures​ for further information . ​

Notice to importers of 2710 - Petrol, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuels, and fuel oils:  Applications submitted from May 17, 2020 are to include a copy of the Certificate of Origin (COO) and a signed declaration drawn by the importer attesting that the COO is genuine. Applications not supported by these documents will be considered incomplete.

A guidance note by the Sanctions Monitoring Board on Libya Sanctions is for the attention of the same importers.​

Application Form

Last update 15 June 2020