Exportation of Other Goods

The exportation of certain goods are subject to an authorisation or export licence issued by the Trade Services Directorate, in accordance with the Exportation Control Regulations, 2004 (L.N. 243 of 2004). These goods are listed in the Schedule to these regulations.
Applications for export licences are obtainable during normal office hours from the
Import/Export Licensing Unit,
Trade Services Directorate,
Lascaris, Valletta.

Instruction to download Export Licence Form
Please print page one (1) and page two (2) back to back, page three (3) and page four (4) back to back, page five (5) and page six (6) back to back and page seven (7) and page eight (8) back to back.  The export application should be made up of four sheets of paper only.

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