Corona Virus Related Measures

We would like to inform you of the following measures which are being implemented to reduce non-essential contact in line with Government’s effort to minimize the transmission and spread of the Covid-19 virus.

       1.  Applications for Costings (Permit to Withdraw Goods from Customs Control) will be received solely through e-forms which can be found in the following link:​. Clearance will be in the form of an email citing the related invoice number. 

       2.  Applications for import and export licences which are normally delivered to us in hard copy will be received by email on the following account:

You are required to compile the online form and print it as usual. Then email a scanned copy to

It will not be necessary for you to visit other Departments for their prior-authorisation. Instead, the Commerce Department will be liaising with the competent authorities involved, where necessary. In view of this you are required to attach with your application any documentation which is normally requested by the other endorsing authorities.

Only one application per email will be accepted. If you have multiple applications send a separate email for each. Once a licence is issued, this will be referred by return email to the sender of the application, the competent authority that had been consulted and to the Customs Department.

       3.  The application process with regards to Surveillance Documents and Dual-Use and Military Equipment applications remains unchanged, in that applications still must be submitted through e-forms. For Surveillance Documents the authorisation will be in the form of an email citing the document number.

Information about licences issued is shared with the Customs Department. It remains the licence holder’s responsibility to ensure that any import or export is conducted within the parameters of the licence.

The above measures are being implemented by the Trade Services Directorate to keep offering the usual service whilst restricting contact. However, one is to bear in mind that delays are expected. You are thus advised to plan ahead and lodge applications well before a licence is required.

In case of any difficulties, queries can be submitted to one of the following email addresses according to the type of application being made.  covers exportation of military and dual use equipment. covers importation of aluminium, iron and steel. covers pharmaceutical related importation. covers import or export permitting as per SL 117.02 and SL117.14.

General queries can be sent to the following address: 

The Trade Services Directorate can be reached on 25690302, 25690287, 25690244, 25690219 or 25690252.​

Other relevant information may also be found on the departmental website​, under the Import and Export Section.