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The United Kingdom was set to leave the European Union on 31 January 2020 but through a Withdrawal Agreement, a transitional period lasting until the 31 December 2020 was applied. During this period EU law still applied to the United Kingdom although it was no longer represented in the EU institutions, agencies, bodies and offices. Also, during this time there was no change to the previous import and export licensing set-up and the provisions that applied to EU Member States kept on applying to the United Kingdom.

The expiry of the transitional period will inevitably bring changes, barriers to trade and cross border exchanges. Notably, in terms of the Importation Control Regulations (SL 117.14), the UK will fall in the list that applies to third countries, Schedule 2, meaning that many products which were not subject to licensing  when the UK was an EU Member, will now become licensable. Similarly, all goods under the Exportation Control Regulation (SL 117.02) will also require an export license if exported to the UK. For further information on the import and export application procedures visit the respective webpages for imports and exports. The Department is currently accepting applications that will only become effective on 1st January 2021.

Since from the 1st of January 2021 the UK will become classified as a third county, transactions captured under the of Military Equipment (Export Control) Regulations, SL365.13, with the UK as a country of final destination will also become licensable. The application form and other information are available online.

With regards to exportation of dual use goods in terms of SL365.12 Dual-use Items (Export Control) Regulations, the EU has just adopted an amending regulation including the UK under EU General Export Authorization EU001. Information about this distinct procedure is found in the dual use page. It will become applicable on 1st January 2021.​ 

Last updated 18 December 2020