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Boards and Committees

The Auctioneers Board 

The Auctioneers Board of Examiners is in place in order to assess applicants for a licence to act as auctioneers. Following interviews, the board is to inform the Department of Trade of its decision so that a licence is issued in case of approval or submit notice of refusal as the case may be.
Board Members
Mr Renato Vella                  Chairman
Dr Marion Camilleri             Member
Dr Noel Camilleri                 Member
Ms Melanie Bezzina             Secretary

Contact Details
Telephone Number: 21242270
The Copyright Board

The Copyright Board, established by virtue of Article 45 of the Copyright Act, is vested with the authority to approve requests for the establishment and operation of Collecting Societies in Malta, to approve the tariffs charged and any revisions thereof, as well as to revoke any authorisation to act as a Collecting Society.
Following the enactment of new legislation on Copyright (Act No. XIII of 2000) which came into force on the 14th August, 2000 - with the exception of Part XI on Collecting Societies which became effective as from the 1st January, 2001 - the Copyright Board was reconstituted in terms of Article 45 (2) and (3) of Part X on the Copyright Board to regulate the following:
1. Authorisation of Collecting Societies
2. Establishment and incorporation of Collecting Societies
3. ​Functions of Collecting Societies
4. Working Methods for Collecting Societies
Dr Ivan Sammut                     Chairman
Ms Stephanie Pace Hili           Member
Mr Frederick Cutajar               Member
Ms Rachel Cardona                 Secretary
Contact Details

Email address:
Telephone Number​: 2220 9563

The Licencing Appeals Board
The Trade Licensing Appeals Board was set up  to hear appeals from decisions by the Trade Licensing Unit and by Local Councils in terms of the Trade Licensing Act.
The board is competent to hear complaints by all those who claim to have been unjustly denied a trading licence or by other decisions and/or any other related issues with carrying out of any commercial activity.
Board Members
Dr David Camilleri                 Chairman
Mr Emanuel  Zahra                Member
Mr Malcolm Abdilla               Member
Ms Stephanie Rocco              Secretary
Contact Details
Email address:
Telephone Number: 22209521

The Malta Craft Council

The Malta Crafts Council was set up by virtue of Act XXI of 2000. The aims of the Council are focused on the encouragement, promotion and regulation of crafts and craftsmen and entrepreneurs dealing in Maltese craft products. Crafts forming part of Malta's historical heritage are given particular importance.
Craftsman means a person who practices a Maltese craft.
Entrepreneur means a person, whether an individual or a company who, by way of trade, deals in Maltese craft products.
Craft means an art, skill, or trade, considered as a craft under the provisions of Act XXI of 2000, and practised by a person or persons in the manufacture of artefacts and other products and generally requiring in its manufacturing a greater input of human skill than of machinery.
Maltese craft means a craft generally reflecting the traditions and heritage of the Maltese Islands.
Maltese craft products means products of Maltese crafts manufactured in Malta.
Council Members
Mr Godwin Warr                              Chairman of the Council
Mr  Noel Bartolo                              Deputy Chairman
Ms  Claire Cauchi                             Member
Ms  Josephine Deguara                   Member
Mr  Amabile Zammit                       Member
Ms  Nevise Said                               Member                                
Mr  Liliana Attard                             Member
Mr  Mario Borg Sillato                     Member
Mr Michelle Gialanze                       Member
Mr  Carmelo Spiteri                         Member
Mr  Antoine Vella                            Member
Mr. Mark Xerri                                 Secretary
Contact Details
Email address:
Telephone Number: 2569 0329