The National Supporting Business Awards (NSBA) 2023
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The National Supporting Business Awards (NSBA) 2023

The National Supporting Business Awards (NSBA) is the national phase of the European Enterprise Awards (EEPA) where the 27 Member States of the European Union as well as associate countries in the COSME programme are invited to submit a maximum of 2 nominations to compete in the EEPA.    The main thrust of the awards is to reward initiatives that are facilitating business. 

Participants may apply in one of two sections with a prize of €15000 and €8000 for the participant which places first and second respectively in each section. 

Who may participate 

There are two different sections in the national competition: 
Section A which is open to Government Entities (ministries, departments, local councils, public authorities and entities and public-private partnerships).

Section B which is open to NGOs, trade unions, professional associations, public and church schools, public educational institutions, University of Malta, associations representing sectors in business and industry and for the first time, private entities which fall under the SME definition as set out in the EU SME definition.  

Eligible Initiatives

All of the above potential participants (except for SMEs) can compete in the six categories listed below.  SMEs can only participate in category 6.

Category 1: Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit: 
This category recognises initiatives at local or national level that promote an entrepreneurial mindset especially among young people and women. 
Category 2: Investing in entrepreneurial skills: 
This category recognises initiatives at local or national level to improve entrepreneurial, managerial and employee skills.
Category 3: Supporting the digital transition: 
This category supports initiative which aim at supporting the digital transition of enterprises enabling them to develop, market and use digital technologies, products and services of any kind. 
Category 4: Improving the business environment and supporting the internationalisation of business: 
This category recognises innovative policies and initiatives at national, regional or local level, which render Europe (Malta) the most attractive place to start a business, operate it, make it grow and scale it up in the Single Market, simplify legislative and administrative procedures for businesses and implement the “Think Small First” principle in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Category 5: Supporting the sustainable transition:
This category recognises policies and initiatives at national, or local level that support the sustainable transition and support environmental aspects such as the circular economy, climate neutrality, clean energy, resource efficiency or biodiversity through, for example, sustainable skills development and matchmaking as well as funding. 
Category 6: Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship: 
This category recognises local or national initiatives by authorities, public/private partnerships or SMES that promote corporate social responsibility among small and medium sized enterprises.  This category will also recognise efforts to promote entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed (especially long-term unemployed), legal migrants, disabled persons or people from ethnic minorities

Please refer to for Applications and Guidelines attached on the left

Applications must reach the Commerce Department by not later than Friday 12th May 2023