Vendor accounts on third party trading platforms
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Vendor accounts on third party trading platforms

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Oct 25, 2021
Research on online business models infringing intellectual property rights

The EUIPO is working with IP stakeholders and a number of platforms to improve trade mark protection in online marketplaces, and to combat counterfeiting generally. However, this is a complex area requiring a detailed understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures used by vendors of counterfeit and pirated goods via vendor accounts.

This report fills a gap in the knowledge of the tactics, techniques and procedures used by vendors on third-party trading platforms. It provides a systematic understanding of the various stages of the ‘supply chain’ of infringing goods online, and of the enforcement actions that can be deployed at each stage. It also unveils emerging forms of marketing of IP-infringing goods through social media and live streaming, which pose new challenges to investigators and law enforcers.

The research clarifies that the supply of counterfeit and pirated products via online marketplaces is a lucrative and highly organised activity that can only be tackled through global cooperation, and if it is a focus priority of law enforcement actions. The research casts light into a hidden dimension of international e-commerce which endangers economic operators and consumers alike, and should help raise awareness among EU and third-country citizens, businesses, authorities and policy makers.

The report comes at a very pertinent moment as the Council of the EU recently adopted conclusions setting the 2022-2025 EU priorities for the fight against serious and organised crime through the European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats (EMPACT) that will include intellectual property crime.

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