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Should you wish to contact the Commerce Department, please do so through our Business Care Unit as follows:
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​Address: ​Commerce Department, Lascaris Bastions,
Daħlet Ġnien is-Sultan,
Valletta  VLT 1933,
​Public Opening Hours:​

Winter (Oct 1 - Jun 15)
Trademarks / Patents / Designs 08:00 - 14:00
Imports & Exports
Trade Licences                            08:00 - 12:00
Crafts                                          13:30 - 15:30

Summer (Jun 16 - Sept 30)
All Services                                  08:00 - 12:00

The Commerce Department's Offices are located here
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Business Care Unit Helpdesk Services
Advice, Information and Processing of Complaints
The Business Care Unit provides comprehensive Helpdesk services and advice to clients on issues relating to:
-  Trading Licenses and Import/Export Licenses;
-  Design and Trademark Registration as well as Patenting of Inventions;
-  Other services rendered by the Commerce Department;
-  The securing of information concerning their business and formalities on how to start a business;
- Complaints on excessive bureaucracy and unnecessary administrative red tape that result in burdens to businesses.
Patenting of Inventions
A Patent gives protection to an invention that is novel, involves an inventive step and can be applied in industry.
Registration of Trademarks
Registration gives protection to a sign that serves to distinguish the goods or services of one organisation or individual from those of another.
Registration of Designs
Registration gives protection to a novel shape or pattern to be applied to a particular object.
Facilitating Business
-  Facilitating the relationship between the Commercial Sector and Government Entities.
-  Organising meetings in Local Councils and Industrial Zones.
-  Assisting businesses to set up their own Business Organisations.
Issuing of Trading Licences
-  Self-employed who operate from a non-fixed commercial premises
-  The operating of fixed premises for a commercial purpose (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers)
-  Market and street hawkers
-  Other commercial activities not otherwise regulated
-  The organisation of commercial fairs and car boot sales
Issuing of Import and Export Licenses
-  Some items imported from non-EU member states require an import licence. Similarly, some items exported from Malta to non-EU member states require an export license.
-  The above applies to a restricted number of items coming and going from Malta to other EU member states.
-  The export of dual-use items and military equipment must be cleared by the Commerce Department.
Subsidies and Quotas
-  The importation of sugar to be used for local consumption either in its raw state or as part of another product qualifies for a government subsidy administered by the Commerce Department. The same applies for the importation of sugar intended for consumption as part of a finished product in a country other than Malta.
-  Certain items imported from outside the EU are subject to a quota. Local importers interested in securing part of the quota allocated for Malta need to apply at the Commerce Department.
Other Services
-  SOLVIT: the Malta SOLVIT Centre is committed to solve problems which hinder the Internal Market rights of citizens and businesses.
-  The Malta Crafts Council promotes Maltese crafts and assists Maltese craftsmen and entrepreneurs.
-  The organisation of seminars and information meetings for the commercial sector. 
Quality Assurance
The Commerce Department strives to maintain the highest possible standards of service to the public, in line with the Government’s central Service Standards reproduced below:
Correspondence and Communication
- Acknowledge and answer all forms of correspondence quickly and clearly
- Acknowledge mail correspondence within one working day of receipt and send a reply or feedback to more complex correspondence within 5 working days of acknowledgement
- Acknowledge e-mails or communication from respective website immediately and send a reply or feedback to more complex correspondence within 5 working days of acknowledgement
- If correspondence cannot be answered by one department or section, this should be forwarded to the relevant person, department or section and customer informed
- Answer phone calls within 3 rings and supply identification. If query cannot be answered by respondent, the latter will put caller in contact with the relevant person, department or section. The person handling the first call is to ensure that the caller has managed to get through
Appointments and Queues
- See customers within fifteen minutes of their appointment time
- Manage queues effectively and efficiently
- Waiting times for customers with no appointment should be kept at a minimum
- Customers should wait and be served in a clean, friendly and welcoming environment.
- Provide clear and accurate information and advice about respective services (in the form of leaflets or newsletters)
- Publicise services on own website. Websites should be updated frequently with accurate and up-to-date information
- Provide, where necessary, a Freephone service or a direct telephone line for queries
- If information query cannot be answered by one department or section, this should be forwarded to the relevant person, department or section and customer informed
- All information given by customers should be protected and used according to the Data Protection Act 2001. Full confidentiality should be guaranteed in departments or sections where sensitive services are delivered.
Complaints Procedure
- A formal complaints procedure should be introduced and maintained
- Customers should have choice in access to services.  Departments and sections should invest in electronic and mobile services where possible and best use of technology should be made to increase a one or non-stop shop mentality
- Any application forms should be available in an electronic format
- Access for persons with a disability should be available where and when necessary.

Redress or appeal:
Decisions of the office which are open to redress or appeal must be sent on or in writing at:
Commerce Department, Industrial Property Registration
Director Industrial Property Registration
Lascaris Bastions, Daħlet Ġnien is-Sultan,
Valletta  VLT 1933, Malta
Unless otherwise indicated, the information contained in this site is issued by the Industrial Property Registrations Director within the Commerce Department at The Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses
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Last updated on the 25th May 2020​​