The electronic filing of a Design application is the preferred method to submit a Design application due to the various benefits over the manual application: 
  • it is a straight forward process which uses a ‘wizard’ tool  that guides you through the whole process;
  • you can file a new application 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or office; 
  • you will immediately receive an acknowledgement of your filing by email;
  • you will also be immediately assigned a Design application number
  • an applicant or representative who files electronically, can find his/her details already in the system for their subsequent applications;
  • you can save and resume your work at any point in time during the filling in of the application on line;
  • you can pay immediately using a credit card or via bank transfer.  

We would therefore like to encourage you to make use of the online Design filing system through the IP portal by clicking on the link provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact this office for any queries or clarifications that you may have with regards to submitting an online Design application form. For further information kindly contact the IP office ​ or  on tel. no. 2569 0230 or send an email to

Schedule of Fees for Design Applications
How to protect your Design abroad/internationally  
You may want to register your design outside of Malta, to obtain protection in the whole of the European Union (EU), as well as in other countries outside the EU or even beyond.  The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a centralised registration system where you can e-file up to 100 designs and target over 55 territories in one single application that you could use to claim priority in further filings.
Any individual or business in Malta can file an international application under the Hague System.  For more information on Filing an International Application, geographical coverage and fees, and to get started, please go to