Malta Intellectual Property Awards 2018

The aim of these Awards is to recognise the efforts of individuals and companies that have taken their ideas and concepts or their operational processes a step forward. Through these Awards, Government is encouraging the development of innovative ideas and products which have potential and which is both unique and sustainable.

Award Categories

The three categories of the Malta Intellectual Property Awards are as follows:

Award for Creativity

The cultural and creative industries are significant to innovation because they are primarily based on innovative ideas which produce a multitude of new products and services. Creative individuals and enterprises are the heart of cultural and creative industries. Through talent, skill, entrepreneurship and intellectual property, they can generate new jobs and businesses and can also help mature industries re-tool for the future.

The Award for Creativity rewards individuals or companies/enterprises operating in the cultural and  creative  industries,  which  have  an  excellent  combination  of  creativity,  innovation and entrepreneurship. The contribution can be a new product, or an innovation  of an existing process or a  new way of working.  

Award for Scientific Initiative

Scientific Initiative is based on advanced knowledge generated by science students, academics and professionals, which are used in the creation of a new idea, the understanding or discovery of a new scientific concept and the creation of a new device, process or product. This should be a result of research & development together with experimentation which is science-based.

Award for Technological Initiative

Technological Initiative involves new or improved tools that result in problem solving through their novel application, thereby enhancing the outcome of a particular process from the use of such equipment or implements.

A Special Award is also given to  the Emerging Innovator which is chosen by the Adjudicating Committee from all the submissions received for the three Categories.  This award is furthermore divided into two sections according to age group i.e. ‘16 to 30’ and ‘31 and over’.

All Applicants must be Maltese nationals, groups of Maltese individuals or enterprises that are established in Malta. 

Winners of these awards receive prize money and a trophy.

WIPO Recognition

The winners of the Malta Intellectual Property Awards can also receive an award from the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

The scope of the WIPO Awards is to celebrate the achievements of inventors, creators and innovative companies around the world.  The WIPO Awards Program aims to help foster a culture in which innovation and creativity are encouraged at every level of society. The publicity generated by the WIPO Awards also offers a means to promote wider understanding of how the intellectual property system works to serve creativity and innovation.​